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Thursday, December 17, 2015

The nursery is complete! I mean as complete as one room can be in my house. Truth be told, I have a terrible habit of constantly changing things around and I hate doing final room updates. Because in my opinion, they are never done. The actual living in them and making subtle changes as needed is when the decor actually comes together. It's the perfectly imperfect home that I always seem to talk about. Even though, there was a thought process when you picked out every single item in the room, the messy part of living is what actually makes a room, your room.

Caroline's nursery is no different, and maybe the fact that we haven't met yet made it even harder to decorate. It was a constant challenge between my personality and this little gal's unknown taste and routine. How are you supposed to decorate for someone you have never met? I'm not sure what her needs will be, or how girly (or neutral) I should go. In the end, I know that all this is superficial and that she probably won't even notice where the rocking chair looks the best. But somehow, it seems that all mothers-to-be are fixated on making the nursery a sacred space. Maybe it's the wanting and needing to connect with this little human that we are so tenderly growing inside us - it's the first thing we are actually able to provide them with. A home, a space to nurse them when they are hungry, and soothe when they become unsettled. 

That is what I focused on when picking out furniture and color palette. I wanted it to be a peaceful and calm space, but have a few elements of playfulness. It also had to fit our small budget and my minimalist personality - I tend to freak out with clutter and piles of colorful plastic stuff. Craigslist became our very best friend - purchased the brand new rocking chair off a local mama - and we managed to re-purpose a few things that were no longer needed around the house - like the ikea bookcase and the frames I once used in the walk-in closet that we no longer have. 

I also had a bunch of wine crates that were given to me by this lovely older guy when I was shopping at an estate sale a while back and used two of them clued together to make the toy chest. To be honest with you, I am not that handy with DIY projects, so I totally got my mom to tackle these things. She also made Caroline a few other items that I love dearly. 

In the end it all came together with this gorgeous rug, my mother in law so kindly gifted us. I found it on Etsy and it is made in NY, pet and kid friendly! Deciding on a rug was definitely the hardest part of the process. I absolutely hate those colorful kid ones you see online, and I didn't want it to be boring. This one did the job! It ties in the flower theme and adds the playful aspect to the space. Maybe later on I'll need to add more padding to the hardwood floors and will have to purchase a larger area rug. However, this will definitely stay there as a top layer - who doesn't like laying rugs am I right?  

The space works perfectly and all it needs is a an extra sleeping space for when the grandparents (and other family members) come stay with us. That is on the list for sure. But for now, I will sit here and take advantage of all this natural light... 

Hope you come back soon,


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